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In Europe, your family and your City can have new, green, fireproof, waterproof, hurricane and earthquake resistant, rodent and pest proof, energy smart, soundproof, lightweight, recyclable-Affordable Housing!   NOT HERE!  Yet! Read everything here, watch the videos, then email us, IF you are interested in Green Affordable Housing, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Justice.  ASK!  My friend, Millard Fuller, founded-Habitat for Humanity.  Jimmy Carter built  100 Habitat homes in ONE week with WOW-Crete 14 years ago!  It was invented in Sweden over 100 Years AGO. AAC made up 60% of Building Construction in Germany last year. Its also in China and India, but NOT in the US?  Watch the Video below and see for Yourself!  ASK! Get on our email newsletter list! CA, NY, GA, Texas! AMAZON HQ2! WA? ASK INTELLIGENTLY! MAYORS, we have also been endorsed by Rev. Dr. Charles Steele, President of the SCLC.


AAc Highrise.jpg

ABOVE left side;

California BURNS '07!  This luxury home survived  ONLY because it was constructed from WoW-Crete.  Danny Thompson, NV AFL-CIO PREZ, pitched our Green Building Material, WoW-Crete- to the 1st National Clean Energy Summit, for 4-5 minutes! They all "ho-humed" in '09!  We predicted the CA '18 fires then!  Now what?  WOOD again? Death by FIRE or FLOODs?  More Inertia? Wake UP EVERYBODY! Build FireProof & H2O-Proof!  Now! DEMAND FireProof & WaterProof Green Housing-Now!  There will be Legislation Mandating our WOW-Crete for Nursing homes, et al!


Didn't anyone else read, "The THREE Little PIGS?"  NOT W-O-O-D! WHO wants FireProof and Flood-Proof Housing? Nursing Homes?  Hospitals?  Schools?  APTs?  Office Bldgs?  Hotels?  DataCenters?  Every Child deserves a real HOME!  No?  However, the "uneducated," the "uninterested" and "uninformed" surround us in social media inertia!  You must take action now!  We have your financing arranged!  Green Bank PACE finances ALL  these verifiable energy efficiency & CO2 reductions. We handle the rest.  "Energy Savings" are t-h-e Revenue Stream that we use to finance local project-specific Green Bonds for HOUSING!  "ALL infrastructure is LOCAL!"  Your City buildings, Businesses, your Schools, your trucks, buses, cars- all have HVAC Units N-O-W!  So, this is SIMPLE!  We will show you, or your City, exactly what to do, and how to make your City - G-R-E-E-N, and whatever you dream/imagine it can be!  ASK!  Always be FIRST!  Ask intelligently! ASK US!


We can SAVE  you, or your City, 10-25% MONTHLY on EVERY CITY HVAC UNIT !  N-O-W!  That's a MINIMUM of 10-25% every month in CASH, in your pocket.  And, also means a minimum of 10%- 25% in MONTHLY CO2 REDUCTIONS.  How do we know specifically, how much?  Easy.  We install and leave a datalogger on every electric meter, monitoring it permanently, so there is a record of before and after energy consumption.  We  blockchain and aggregate the Kwh's SAVED- to calculate the CO2 $ Credits.  Once we aggregate and place the Credits, we split or buy them with our clients.  Democratizing electrons and CO2 Credits, Globally- has been our business since 1990!  We know of what we speak.  ASK. This is the financing you've been DREAMING OF!   This is on the Ballot in November!  VOTE'18- D!  ASK US! 


We are going after C40City Ports with Container Ships, Refrigerated Containers and Refrigerated TRAILERS! Each ONE has an HVAC Unit!  Get it?  We're going Inter-National on social media, with an MLM/Homeowners "do-it-yourself" teaching video.  Why wait?  Let's go!  ANYONE reading these words, right now, can get into Business for themselves, or their City.  This is e-a-s-y!  ASK!  REDUCE CO2 NOW!  ASK!















Our WOW-Crete was made at WEHRHAHN (Klaus- CEO-above), for us- from waste coal material we shipped to their Laboratory/Plant in Germany.  We are partnering with WEHRHAHN, SIEMANS and The USDA, to build a WOW-Crete Plant near the future AMAZON HQ2.  We will be going to Puerto Rico and acquiring the AES coal -fired Power Plant soon.  We will become the "Builders of the Caribbean."  Today is the Anniversary of Hurricane Maria.  "Wake Up Everybody!"  Vamanos!













Mayor's are CEO's!"  Read Mayor Burns and Mayor Leverett's letters, don't listen to me.  If The National Conference of Black Mayors endorsed our Technologies, 10 Years Ago, just imagine how much better and less expensive they are now?  These solutions are simple!  E-A-S-Y!  ASK!  The future is here, now.  ASK Intelligently!

We have Patented, proven technology that converts almost any source of waste heat into Zero Carbon Electrons  This is a fact, not a theory.  We are filing a revised, Patent Application, which we already know will increase Power Plant efficiency from maybe- 35%, to 60-70%.  Third-Party Verified and Tested at the AES Deepwater Plant, TX.  The dirtiest Power Plant in Texas, burning Pet Coke.  Test results on your request. Here's photos.  Almost any source of waste heat!  Zero Emissions.  ASK!



























About Us;  Daniel  j Longworth iii, is from the Bronx, New York.  Facebook LV, NV.

Ambassador Oscar J Webb, is from Chicago.  Read Google.  Ask!  As Combat Veterans, we came out of our "semi-post-election-comas" to do this!  We are fed-up watching this tragic National Disgrace! VoteD in18!  Vamanos a la Puerto Rico!

Everything (almost) you ever wanted to know about our Company- CoalPlex International, Inc. (1990), is linked to this site.  Clean Coal Tech- Worldwide- and Independent Power, Emission Credits, Europe, Russia, China, Panama, Colombia Venezuela, LOI's, etc.  We will be trading CoalPlex Stock for WOWTech Stock!


This NexGen WoWTech website is connected to 19 sub-domains.  Why?  Because we have so many complimentary technologies and Patents- therefore, we have a LOT of supportive endorsements, projects and engineering due diligence!  And, we have finally, two months ago, after 30Years, invented our way into what many experts consider to be  the cleanest, zero-emissions electrons, from waste heat- or, Zero Emission "recycled energy."  NetZero Nrg, appraised in the "B's." No "fuel" is necessary if you are utilizing "waste heat" to power a GenSet!  Get it?














When you utilize all the waste heat between 300-700 degrees, the  exhaust emissions condense. They cannot "fly-up-the-stack" now because they are too heavy.  Therefore, they can be precipitated out of the exhaust stream.  This removes all the metals, the mercury, vanadium, cadmium, lead, etc.  SO2, NOx and CO2 @ 85%.  In effect, this technology "boosts" the efficiency of a Coal-fired Plant from -35% to 65-70%.  Basically, we double the output of almost a-n-y Power Plant, or Industrial waste heat source (Cement,Steel, etc.), with 0% emissions.  Therefore, our "partnering for profit" JV's are the only Projects worth our time and technology.

Our Counsel is filing our Reg. A Offering to go Public.  We will then finance  these synergistic technologies ourselves, Globally.  "Eco-Nrg."  In the meantime, we have authorized a limited amount of Convertible Climate Bonds for Private Equity Placement.  Now that all the testing has been completed, we truly have,~eco-nrg~! 


We know quite a bit about AES, the owner of the Coal-Fired Power Plant in Guayama, Puerto Rico.  We have examined every facet of their operation over the last year!  It's old and inefficient.  They have no idea how, or what can be done to fix it.  We do.  Therefore, once we have Public Stock, we will make them an offer they cannot refuse.  We tested our Technology (above) at their Pasadena, Texas Pet Coke Power Plant.  The dirtiest, most polluting power plant in Texas.   It went so well, afterwards- SIEMANS signed a contract for a 25MW Plant.  Now, our new version is so much more sophisticated and refined, and based on the Physics, we do not believe it can ever be improved on, unless the -300 heat can be used!  Who knows?


There is a page here for intelligent, average investors.  Did you buy Google, Apple or AMAZON "basement stock?"  Just read everything.  If it makes sense to you, great.   We know that "our stock" will do VERY well, while we are "doing good."

Well, since our technologies ALL generate substantial profits and CO2/EEc's/REc's, or Emission Credits, we have our wi-fi dataloggers monitoring and aggregating small amounts of credits into CO2 Tons.  Our Blockchain "BitCoin" expert is creating a "Digital Currency" for us ( and, backed by these CO2 Credits.  We split these ClimateCoin Credits with our customers, and credit their accounts, via dataloggers.  Thus, introducing them to a new income stream!  Therefore, we generate another profit center on the back-end, annually, from all our customers energy savings via their HVAC efficiency, and from our "eco-nrg," waste-heat credits.  We are using our current CO2 Credits, earned from efficiency, as collateral for our Convertible Climate Bonds.  Simple.

Below:  Grand American Cleaning, 1975, This is where some of the ideas regarding Cleaning CARBON = Carbon Credits=CLEANING COAL.  Environmental Technology.  The beginning lessons for WOWTech came from CoalPlex International Inc., our first Advanced Fuel/Clean Coal Refinery. Emission Credits and EcoPower Company.  Below, 1976: The Nassau County Courthouse, Mineola, N.Y.  One idea=$Millions.  After this, we did City blocks of Urban Renewal Projects, NY-Metro Transit Authority, Exxon- Self-Insured, #6 Crude Oil Spill Total over Staten Island, Exclusive Environmental Cleaning Contract.  The Arch-Diocese of Brooklyn, GIMBELS Dept. Stores, Historic Church Restorations, Montauk Yacht Club, Schools, Hospitals,  United Artists, and Andrew Carnegie's original Mansion in NYC, et al.  Now, The Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design.  Before this, I worked in a "sweat shop" for $1.50 an hour, when I was seventeen, Colombia CARBON & Ribbon Inc, in Glen Cove, NY.  It was good training for making money CLEANING CARBON.  In 1978 we, Grand American,  "Cleaned-Up" the Glen Cove, NY Environmental SuperFund site, my old employer & my Carbon Cleaning Lab, Columbia Carbon & Ribbon Company.

Amb.Webb1-19-07 009.jpg
Houston-4-19-07 012.jpg
WOC1-2-25-07 005.jpg
AEP-Deepwater8-2-06 025.jpg



Watch! Homes built in 6 Days! 5 workers!

women will build the future world, With wow-crete!


Imagine you have access to this material in your area and it shall be so, eventually!  Take Action now, get on our list!  Email us now- and make it soon!  ASK!  Affordable Green Housing and Jobs are available for your area, now!  Email us!  We have created a Patented mix-design for WOW-Crete to be manufactured using waste coal ash. Environmental Justice has arrived!  Take Action! Email us!   Get on our list!  We plan on building 4-8 WOW-Crete Plants around the US and Puerto Rico!  ASK intelligently!  ASK! Email us!

Below; Proprietary Carbon Cleaning System in Brooklyn, NY- 1977. Environmentally Conscious Cleaning Process.

Clean Buildings are 4 city-dwellers "self-esteem, dignity and identity."

"A Clean City is a Happy City!"  ;-)

Amb.Webb1-19-07 020 (1).jpg

"If You Can DREAM IT, You Can Do It!

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