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American Veterans Green Building & Energy (AVGBE), is a Registered US Distributor of a proprietary Synthetic Catalyst that Increases the Efficiency of ALL HVAC Building Systems, including Motor Vehicles, Trucks and Refrigerated Containers.  All HVAC Units are Blockchain Audited, before and after the Catalyst is installed, at their Meters, for kwh usage records, before and after. Aggregation of kwh usage is anticipated for Carbon Credits, or EEc's.
This technology is installed in HVAC Systems around the U.S., and is GSA Approved.  We are already in China, India, New Zealand, et al.  This year, AVGBE is going after Reefer-Trucks and Container Ships in NY, NJ and CA. Right now we are mobilizing women in every Country that is a signor to the Paris Climate Treaty, to take ACTION and install this technology in every home, resulting in a MASSIVE, verifiable, 10-20% ENERGY SAVINGS and CO2 Reduction! PACE!
EVERY CITY in the WORLD can save MINIMUM of 10% of their Data-logged electric bill, GUARANTEED.  And, save an equal amount in CASH, forever.
We anticipate that future Carbon Credits, or EEc's will be used for Credit Enhancement or Green Bond financial enhancement purposes.
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