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Invest In The FUTURE!

Go GREEN $ here!!

IP Appraisals!


Our Clients.

Now, everyone is motivated!

Read the last two paragraphs!

Everyone-got it!

Endorsement Letter- AFL-CIO EX Presi

Like he says-he doesn't get excited about much!

International Masonry Institute!

Letter of Endorsement! BIG!

America's Labor Bank! 1st in US!


Super Lawyer-Eric Olsen, Esq.

My Attorney of 20 years!

A "clean"  Lake


Advisor Letter-Grand Canyon Trust!

I testified before the AZ Public Svc Comm, for The Trust, as their Expert Witness.

Grand Canyon Trust Advisor Letter.

I told President Clinton to look at them!

Thank you Note from Bill Clinton.

I gave him a picture for Hillary.

Tesla & Edison had these same Lawyer

In 1998 it was Invitation Only!

Clean air...



ME! Cleaning Carbon-1976

long island

the "front"....


here we are,...

Free Market Fusion

How we operate with our clients.

The Worlds Best!

Our German Tech AAC Partners!

Old AAC City Street

We are replicating these with AAC!

Our, "City of the Future," 2015!

Our AAC Architects! The best!

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