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The RESISTANCE strategy written below was a "stream of Consciousness" policy, created in SEPTEMBER 2017, WAITING for muttface and the amateurs to "get out of the WAY!

  It has all been proven to be accurate.  Why? because we have done all this BEFORE!  Now, we are going to rebuild all the "Shitholes of the Caribbean!" And, the US!

CA?  PR?  HAITI! TX? FL? VI? GA? BVI?  And, Barbuda? -Robert De Niro's Project! And, Necker Island? -Sir Richard Branson's  Project!  What do they ALL have in common?  NO Building Materials with which to Re-Build! NONE!  Nothing!  Yes, there is always "salvage material."  But, that's not enough.  This is where Army Airborne/Airmobile Combat Infantry and "Katrina Experience" pays off.

Based on our Katrina experience, it will take approximately 6-12 months for our  Action Plan to make sense to the decision makers in the most devastated areas of PR.  Which is exactly what happened "Post-Katrina."


We are going to build 5 phased-in, WOW-Crete (AAC) Manufacturing Plants, with local Partners in the States, and now, we have decided "How-To" do the same in Puerto Rico.  We've thought about this for the last year, if you read my Facebook Timeline!  There's only one way to do this!  BUY the AES Plant!  They will never change their polluting ways!  So, we will need some Puerto Rican Political Power.


WOW-Crete is the most environmentally conscious, socially responsible Building Material in the World and we manufacture it using recycled waste material.  One Plant here in Nevada for CA , UT, and AZ, one in Puerto Rico for VI, BVI, HAITI, Barbuda, Antigua and the rest of the Caribbean.  One for AMAZON HQ2 (Atlanta?) and one in Austin, TX.  One in CT for NY, NJ, New England.  Five, total.  We are well prepared for this. 

The price of WOOD has gone up by 25% in the last few months, due to little donny's "tariffs." There are NO mature trees/lumber available for building anything out of new-wood in Puerto Rico.  Import WOOD?  25% higher than just three months ago, PLUS shipping costs?  With CA fires, the flooding in NC, SC, and the VI, the BVI and all the other Islands, big and small, completely devastated by hurricanes, they are ALL Competing for Scarcity!   NO wood - except SA contraband! This means sky-high prices for building materials!  READ the "WOW-Crete" INFO!  WE will capture the entire PR and CARRIBEAN construction Market!

We, on the other hand, manufacture our own building products and sell/donate the rest of the most environmentally conscious, socially-responsible building materials on Planet Earth.  Made from yes, waste material.  And, we will  get paid to process it.  Resulting in new- "Elegant, Island-Designed, Hurricane-Proof, Fire-Proof, Water-Proof, Rodent Proof, Mold-Proof, Lightweight, Sound-Proof, Rot-Proof, LEED Approved, Energy-Smart" Affordable Housing for everyone, rich and poor.  We can and will make this true in Puerto Rico. Claro!


Yes, we can arrange creative home financing, rent-to-own, with furnishings, etc., via our own, "Un Invento."  Simply by installing our  HVAC Energy Efficiency Technology here in the U.S.,  in relatives, friends and DONORS homes, businesses, buildings, trucks, cars, AC & Chiller Units, Ships (Carnival has it!), etc, etc. 


CO2 $$?  Jobs?  We plan to open a Guayama branch of our LA, SF Port/Maritime CO2 Reduction  Plan.  Container Ships HAVE AGREED to reduce their HUGE CO2/GHG  Pollution!  They do NOT know how!  We will  train Puerto Rican women to become HVAC Techs for Container Installations in PR Ports.  Then they can go to all the rest of the Caribbean and train their own teams.  The Maritime Industry's goal is to reduce CO2 by 20%, asap.  They have NO idea HOW to do IT!  WE DO! 


If a relative/friend/donor living in the US sponsors a Home/Business/Church in Puerto Rico, they will earn CO2 Credits and e-a-r-n 10-25% off their US electricity bills.  These $$ Savings and Credits will be monetized by us, and used to finance and fund specific structural , concrete replacement/rebuilding and "off the grid" Solar/Wind energy microgrids, blockchained, in Puerto Rico.  All financed with our Green Climate BONDS, in Puerto Rico and wherever else possible, like  VI, BVI, Antigua, Barbuda, Haiti, etc.  Cuba?

Leveling the old structures, cleaning-up debris, and remaining eco-compatible with the territory and terrain, is a primary objective.  Our Architects, Dewberry, will help the natives Design and Master Plan their own new WOW-Crete communities, custom homes, y "pueblos"- one microgrid at a time!  This will accelerate creative competition in housing design and community re-construction.  Off-the-Grid, microgrid-electrification will decentralize and democratize the power generation industry.  Yes, and "batteries are the future," not "plastic." ALL "blockchained."

In the past, concrete was made in one place and trucked long distances by truck.  The drums rolled around on the trucks, waiting in traffic, hydrating as it traveled, until the concrete was poured AFTER it had achieved its optimal strength.  Yup!  So! We have invented new, Computerized- Mobile Concrete Batch-Plants, with Rapid-Set Concrete, which can be moved by helicopter to any location, FAST.  These trucks M-A-K-E, not carry- 70 tons of High-PSI (High-Strength), fresh concrete, an HOUR, which "sets-up" High PSI, in 30 minutes, NOT 28 DAYS!  We can pour a "Mountain-a-Day!"  Tilt-Up Buildings, pools, slabs, bike paths, walkways, roads, Airports, Heliports, etc.  Anything! EVERY Town should have their own!

Building starts when the AAC blocks and Panels are delivered to the concrete slabs and foundations for construction by truck or helicopter.  Six  men/women, a mobile Crane, thin-set mortar and the pre-fab elements are constructed to build a two-story home in SIX days.  The electric and plumbing lines are installed in "router channels."  Watch the WOW-Crete/Wehrhahn video.  We have designed custom "casas & casitas para Puerto Rico."  And, they can easily be built as single, couple or family, or "Senior Citizen"  and handicap friendly.  Each with its own solar/wind panels, green space, verticle-gardens and patios.

Finally, the septic field or tank is connected, the Dyna-Pole (hybrid wind/solar) Electricity Generator is inserted into its concrete base, the home battery Genset is connected and the home is ready for final inspection and our Certificate of Occupancy.  With no possibility of future storm damage!

My  good friend Millard Fuller was the Founder of Habitat for Humanity.  I believe he would be very proud of what we are doing in Puerto Rico.  "Un Invento" nuevo por todo la gente de Puerto Rico, no?

There are a LOT more technology driven and energy-related business opportunities in Puerto Rico .  Like "modernizing" the 25 year old combustion technology in the AES Plant, greenhouse growing and fish farms.  Gasification of all the old storm waste and biomass to produce Clean- Zero Emission Energy.  Build WOW-Crete Health SPA's, Nursing Homes (My Mother is a 95 year old RN!), and Retirement Villages for the 10,000 new baby-boomers reaching 65, EVERY DAY!  Gracias a la vida! 


Execute your Confidentiality Agreement and email it to us.   The details are intriguing.  Email - 

(702) 826-9102 Las Vegas, NV

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