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Our President, International Ambassador, Oscar J Webb, Founder of-"Team New Orleans," in the lower 9th Ward, after Katrina.  With the SCLC, and Environmental Justice.  Our Airmobile-High-Strength-Concrete-Batch Plant! This Truck "makes," not CARRIES, 60 TONS of ANY PSI Concrete an HOUR! Skyscrapers! Roads! Bridges! Homes! Everything!  OUR RS ConCrete "sets up" in 20 Minutes, NOT 28 Days!

Our 60,000 Sq. Ft. R & D Facility in Las Vegas, with LAB, Inventions, Mobile Concrete Trucks, WoW-Crete Model Home, Stucco-Ash, MGM Lions

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Today is the 1 Year Anniversary for the 3,000 Puerto Ricans who were killed by Hurricane Maria and murdered by government failures!  Que lastima!  Gracias a Dios!  Gracias a la Vida!  No gracias por el cabrone jefe en la casa blanca!
After studying the entire Caribbean for the past year, we have decided that the ONLY way to ReBuild Puerto Rico, is for us to acquire the AES Power Plant.  It's a mess!Simply put, we have the proprietary technology to retro-fit the 20+ year old coal-fired plant and make it profitable, without continuing to harm the Puerto Rican people.  We will help AES clean-up some of its other dirty Plants, just like we demonstrated to them and TX in 2007.  We will also manufacture the WOW-CRETE necessary to rebuild the entire Caribbean using all the waste coal fly/bottom ash.  With Puerto Rican Technicians.  We  can rebuild any Project in the Islands utilizing AAC, Mobile Mixers, Water-Smart and "Green Bonds." This will also create a new "Green Bank," and henceforth, a new "green economy consciousness."  We believe.
Our Combat experience with the 1st Air Cavalry in Vietnam prepared us for exactly this scenario.  We have participated in huge Helicopter air-lifts, transporting hundreds of troops and materials (like Bulldozers!) long distances via Helicopters.  Our every day "lifeline" was a Helicopter in the Jungle during the War.   I do have an Air Medal for flying in Helicopters in Combat.  We predict that almost every "pueblo" will have at least a Gyrocopter soon!  Additionally, we estimate that it will take 6-12 months for the rebuilding "experts" of Puerto Rico to "evolve" and learn "our" protocol.  This is simply the normal  Katrina- "learning curve."
"If you're failing to plan, you're planning to fail."
As soon as we have WOW-Crete, we will bring in as many Helicopters as possible, and PRC 20 radios for our own communication network.  Then, we can expand the number of mountaintop landing zones on top of the hills.  We then airlift D-4 Cats (surplus!) into position to prepare the ground for Airmobile Concrete Trucks that will go DOWN the Mountains, NOT UP!  We rebuild everything with WOW-Crete & RapidSet (High-Strength, Fast-Setting) Concrete.  Just like we did BELOW- at NIGHT!  We can build 100's of Homes a month, just like Jimmy Carter. "Teaching as we Build!"  Read on... we've done all of this!  Ask questions!
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"EXPERIENCE is the best Teacher?"  "Learn by doing?"  "Practice makes permanent?"  "Repetition is the Mother of all skill?"  "Readers are leaders?"  WHY have these sayings been around so long?  MAYBE because they're TRUE?


Our combined life, military, school, street, business, justice system, social, combat, travel, and political experiences determine our character, if we have- Empathy.  Which is precisely why this president- has to go.  NO empathy.


Our combined experiences include;  racism, social inequity, raw land acquisition, discrimination, gold & coal mining, clearing land, grading, septic tanks & fields, wells, dry wells, basements, recycled concrete, mobile concrete trucks, sand into green building materials, waste coal ash into WOW-Crete, demolition, footings, concrete slabs, foundation, block and brick construction,  all masonry, carpentry,  wood, sheetrock, plaster, moldings, fixtures, appliances, all electrical, all plumbing, OUR Water-Smart soil additive, transportation of ALL materials, building +concrete, etc.,(Via Helicopters!), innovation, flexibility, and ultimately, elegance.  This is where we are separated from the "others."  Our combat experience allows us to move forward with just about any Project.  We believe we can deal with and solve almost any problem, elegantly. That's what we get paid for.  no?

Please read the "Letters of Endorsement" from all our Industry EXPERTS, the AFL-CIO, the International Masonry Institute, Nevada Contractor's of the Year, our World Famous Architects, our Nevada Counsel, our Patent Counsel, (Tesla's & Edison's!), U.S. President's, Vice President's, Senator 's, Mayors, Colombia, Panama, Russia, Bulgaria,Venezuela, U.S. DOE, USDA, and ALL our various other associates, etc., etc.  Read the dates on all these letters!  We are coming OUT of RETIREMENT for THIS!

Download the Mutual Confidentiality Agreement, execute it and email it to us.  Then, we can discuss our Confidential Business Plan with you. Email the executed Agreement to

Questions?  Email us at;

CALL us! 702 826-9102  Hablamos Espanol Tambien!  Ahora! Now! WE ARE VERY BUSY!  Gracias!

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